Looking to record your group's next album, but not sure what goes into it? Let Vocal Impact help demystify the recording process.

Step 0 - Pre-Production

Every great album starts with a good understanding of the end product, and that's what our pre-production phase is for. Before we record a single note, we talk with you about your vision for the album. How many tracks are there? What sound are you looking for? What's your schedule look like? This is the time for you to ask us any questions you may have, and for us to do the same of you! Once we get everything planned, scheduled, and otherwise ready to go, it's time to move on to...

Step 1 - Tracking

A great album begins with great raw material, and this is where that happens. If you've ever recorded a piece of music before, you'll know that recording can be an intense process, and recording an A Cappella track is no different. Stepping behind the mic with Vocal Impact isn't just a recording session - it's a recording session/1 on 1 vocal coaching/theory lesson all wrapped up in one. Our engineers have been where you are, they know what they need from you, and they know just how to get it. Tracking is where we capture the raw intensity and emotion in each song, from the soloist to the backgrounds to the beatboxer, that give life to a completed album.

Step 2 - Editing

Now that we've gotten your tracks recorded, it's time to clean them up a bit. Editing is where we'll go through your track part by part, person by person, and note by note to make sure that everything is in tune and in time. Maybe the Bass 2's didn't make it all the way down to that C2 you wrote them (you monster), the Sopranos started going flat, or the beatboxer got a little bit sloppy on the breakdown. Whatever the case may be, we'll nudge the basses down, tighten up the vocal percussion, help your soloist nail that run, make sure everyone hit that "t" in unison, and just generally make everything sound perfect while still maintaining the intensity and life of what you sang in your tracking session.

Step 3 - Mixing

Alright, at this point we've got a track that's in tune, in time, and ready to be mixed! Mixing is where the magic happens, and where we in the studio get to have a little creative fun. Using a number of different tools, we'll make sure that the most important parts of your tracks end up right where they should be and sound like you want them to. This is where we make the vocal percussion really kick, load up the backgrounds with effects (or not, your choice), and make sure that your soloist(s) are right out front where they should be. Because mixing is where the final sound of your tracks is really determined, we'll work closely with you throughout the entire process, sending you mix drafts for you to review and taking your input into consideration as we approach the final mix.

Step 4 - Mastering

Mastering is the final step in the production process, and adds what we like to think of as a "magical shimmer" to your tracks, unifying the sound and pulling your album together into a cohesive product. While we don't master in house, we're proud to partner with Eric Scholz of Eric Scholz Productions and Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering, two of the best in the a cappella world, to put the finishing touches on your tracks.

Now that you know what the process entails, check out some of Vocal Impact's completed productions!