A group's arrangements are one of the most important parts of a group's sound. If you're looking to knock your audience's socks off at your next performance or in your next album, Vocal Impact would be happy to help!

We offer a few different options when it comes to arrangement work:

Custom Arrangements

This one's the whole shebang. You give us the name of the song, a bit of information about your group, and how you want it arranged (style/speed/solo vs duet vs trio, etc) and we'll give you back a full arrangement custom tailored to you! Each project is different, so get in touch with us to discuss pricing.

Vocal Impact Custom Arrangements

Similar to custom arrangements, but cheaper and with a bit of a twist. Even though we're not singing with our old college group, that doesn't mean we don't still hear songs that make us go "Wow - someone needs to sing that, and I know just how it should be done." A VIC arrangement is a song that we have on our "A Cappella To Do List," meaning that it's going to be arranged no matter what, we just need the right group to come along and say "We want to do this song too!" Each song on our VIC List is posted on the site for everyone to check out, as well as in a Spotify playlist. Our VIC List will always be changing, so if you see a song you like, get in touch with us right away before it gets taken off of the list!

Arrangement Editing

Do you have a song you know is perfect, but your arrangement's not quite there? Do you have an arrangement that you know is good, but needs a little extra push to make it great? By having Vocal Impact work with you to edit your arrangement, you can bring your arrangement up to the level it deserves to be on! We'll give you our suggestions for improvement while striving to keep the sound and feel you worked so hard to create!